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Are you ready to take action on your business idea?

The VISIONARY METHOD™ (TVM) is a 120-day online business coaching program that will help you to create, launch and scale-up your business.

If you're new to TVM, here's the scoop:

  • 100% Online. Join from anywhere in the world!
  • There are 6 robust modules that we work through over a 120-day period
  • Total of 36 workbooks & 21 audio and video trainings (& always growing!)
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls with Kelsey
  • Access to a private online community alongside your fellow classmates

Our motto around here at Visionary HQ is that everyday should be lived to the fullest, not just your weekends. 

One of the quickest ways to create a full, freedom-filled life is to create an income-stream using your strengths & talents. 

That's exactly what we will do inside TVM.

If you're ready to..

  •  Explore your potential
  •  Create impact doing something you love
  •  Move away from your current job or career
  •  Learn how to make money selling your own offer
  •  Live everyday feeling free & inspired

You're in the right spot.

What Topics Will We Cover Inside The VISIONARY METHOD™?

Becoming the CVO (chief visionary officer) of your business

You have big dreams for your future, but first we need to ensure there is a solid foundation to start building on! In this module you're going to become a strategic leader, an organized and systematic business owner & you'll find yourself bursting at the seams with inspiration for your business.

Writing your Visionary Business Plan 

Skip the boring stuff and focus on what really matters in a business plan! In this module you're mapping out your empire in a clear, concise & fun way. In this module you'll get crystal clear on what you're building, who you're building it for and above all, WHY you're building this!

Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

Whether you're creating an online course, an experiential workshop series, a coaching program or another service-based offering, this is where the real magic begins! Our signature workbooks & post-it note method will make it simple for you to piece together your offer!

Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is defined as anything & everything you do to promote your product or service. It's vital to your business success, but often ignored. In this module you're going to write a sales page that converts readers into customers, you'll have a knockout social media strategy & you'll learn the ins & outs of building a standout website.

Understanding & Amplifying Your Sales

You know what else is vital to your business, aside from marketing?! Making the darn sale! By the end of this module you're going to sell your offer with ease, knowing that there's a way to make sales happen that feels good for you and for your customer. Once you've landed those first few sales, I'll show you how to scale up & go BIG.

Community Management

I'm willing to bet that there are 100's and 1000's of people who believe what you believe & desire a like-minded tribe. Will you be the person to build the community and offer a space for people to connect, create & learn? In this module you'll learn how to build your first 1000 true fans, who become your top fans.

Student Testimonials...

I decided to work with Kelsey because I had watched her successfully build The VISIONARY METHOD™ online and I knew she had the tools I'd need to successfully build an online course.  

Because of our weekly coaching call, I was held accountable to complete my "homework" (whether Kelsey assigned it to me or I created tasks myself).  

I loved bouncing ideas off of her and getting guidance on items I just wasn't familiar with yet. The results were putting together and launching The Autoimmune Thriving Program, a 60-day online course.  

- Robyn Baldwin | Founder of Alpha Female & AutoImmune Thriving

I decided to work with Kelsey because I had a vision of what I wanted to create, but I had no idea how I was going to get there. I was struggling with how to begin(the to-do list was daunting) & I felt paralyzed,overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward.  

Kelsey’s teachings propel you to the next level. I was blown away by her knowledge, guidance and constant support. She is an incredible teacher. She showed me how to take my ideas and turn them into actions which has lead to the launch of my business! 

I couldn’t imagine getting to where I am today without her leading the way. She is the real deal. Best investment. Ever.  

- Pasty Bell | Founder of Patsy Bell Life, Whole Foods Healing

The piece I was really struggling with prior to working with Kelsey was marketing, outreach, and social media. It all felt like an overwhelming & confusing blob of uncertainty, and I didn't know where to start.  

The quality and breadth of knowledge and guidance that Kelsey provided has supported me in truly becoming a small business owner.  

Now, I have the confidence to market myself and my services, and to navigate an ever changing social media landscape, while being completely, authentically me. It's so freeing, and I never would have anticipated that. Thank you for helping me to get here.  

- Malumir L | Founder of Acorn & Burdock

Who teaches The VISIONARY METHOD™?

Hey, I'm Kelsey!

I'll be your coach for the next 3 months while we work through The VISIONARY METHOD™ together.  

I created this course because it was exactly what I needed (but couldn't find!) when I launched my first online business as a Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N).  

I've packed each module with innovate workbooks, time-honoured processes & the knowledge that took me years and years (and a whole lotta money!!) to learn when it comes to creating, launching & selling your services.

The VISIONARY METHOD™ has already helped 100's of people just like you to build a business beyond the scale of their wildest dreams.  

Whether you've been thinking of launching a business (I'll help you find clarity in your idea!) or if you already have a business started, I am certain that The VISIONARY METHOD™ will help you surpass your business goals and create full-time income.

"Being a business owner is hard work, but having the support from Kelsey and the other students inside The VISIONARY METHOD was a lot of fun and a really great dynamic for coaching!  

- Erin Andrews | Founder of Hera & Co 


Why was The VISIONARY METHOD™ created?

I created this course because I believe in your potential, and want to equip you with the fastest way to success and fulfillment along this business journey. Figuring it all out alone is hard-- so let's do it together, instead!

Who enrolls in The VISIONARY METHOD™?

Our course is open to students around the globe! From Holistic Nutritionists, to Aspiring-Freelancers, to Fitness & Wellness Coaches, Network Marketers, Yoga Teachers, Photographers, Mama's, Maker's, Movers & Shakers... and anyone who wants to turn their knowledge into a money-makin' business.

Is there anything similar to The VISIONARY METHOD™?

Glad you asked! To my knowledge, this program is 1 of a kind. Yes, there are lots of business coaches and programs floating around the internet, but The VISIONARY METHOD™ is comprehensive in its approach (I hold nothing back!) and I work directly with you to complete the program (this is NOT an automated course!) 

What if I am unclear on my business idea?

As long as you have some life experience (which I guarantee you do) I am confident we can explore and decide on what you will teach. I bet you didn't realize that losing a job, training a puppy, going gluten-free or travelling the world can ALL be turned into businesses! During our private call, we will distill down your ideas and determine what the best course of action is.

The VISIONARY METHOD™ is packed with content that all business owners must learn.

You can try to figure it all out on your own time or you can fast track to success over the next 90-days.


  • Finding deep clarity in your business idea and learning why now is the time to bring it forward in a BIG way  
  • Creating a comprehensive business plan that sets the foundation for your future success  
  • Completing all of your branding: fonts, colors, themes, e-book templates, website creation, etc.  
  • Discovering your niche, based on your innate strengths as an entrepreneur  
  • Understanding your target market deeply, so that you can speak directly to them  
  • Making promotional materials (business cards, workshops, standout social images, videos, etc.)  
  • Crafting and communicating your offer (your product or service!)  
  • Mastering your marketing strategy and creating irresistible content  
  • Building a profitable social media strategy (without being online 24/7)  
  • Learning to passively generate leads in order to continually grow your audience  
  • The high level routines, rituals and success habits of thriving entrepreneurs who have already made it  
  • Creating your (very first) sales funnel  

& so much more!

Thinking about joining us for an upcoming class?

The VISIONARY METHOD™ is unlike any business course you've seen before. 

With 100's of students already graduated, there's no question that our TVM method, paired with the unparalleled support from the visionary tribe is a recipe for success

You'll never find another business course where the coach (me!) is so actively engaged with each & every student, along each step of the way. 

I can't wait to share the magic with you!

It's never too early or late to begin building the life you actually want to live.

The VISIONARY METHOD™ is perfect for you if...

  • You're feeling "stuck" but haven't been able to figure out your next step
  • You know you're made for more... you're ready for more... but you have no idea where to start
  • You are ready to learn, grow & bring your idea to life 
  • You are craving more freedom and time & really want to live on your own terms 
  • You want to build an income stream that utilizes your strengths & skills 
  • You want to make a bigger impact in the work you do
  • You want to have a successful launch or re-launch of your business 
  • You desire an income that reflects your worth 
  • You want to turn your idea into a full-time business that has unlimited growth potential  
  • You want to run a business that capitalizes on your strengths and unique abilities 
  • You want to create your own schedule  
  • You want to make more money doing something you truly care about  

Is coaching the answer you've been searching for?

At one point, I was exactly where you are now: confused...yet committed to taking action on my dreams.  

  • I know what it's like to have *zero* idea how to scale your idea into a profitable business. 
  • I know what it's like to watch others create & grow their business, while you feel stumped on what your next step should be  
  • I know what it's like to want help, support and guidance from someone... but you're not sure who to turn to (hint: I can be that person!)  

I also know what it's like to have a burning desire to do whatever it takes to make it work.

That's why I hired my own business coach when I was ready for my next level growth (& will continue to do so, forever).  

In order to surpass your current blocks, transcend your limiting beliefs, and reach your potential... you need coaching!

If not now, then when?

It's time to take action & trust that this process will work.

What's the investment?

You can pay in full (1x) or you can opt-in to our 12-month payment plan to reserve your spot inside The VISIONARY METHOD™


1 x payment of $997.00 CAD + tax


12 x payment plan of $99.00 CAD + tax and interest