✨ VISIONARY Social Media ✨

The most comprehensive online course for creating a profitable social media strategy!

(without spending 24/7 online)


While we may not all agree on what the "🙏" emoji means...

...we can all agree that social media is here to stay!

 (but for real, are you team 🙏 High-5 or Praying Hands?) 🤣

  Let's get serious!

Social media is a powerful tool that all businesses and brands can leverage immediately to reach more customers and increase their sales.

The best part?

It has never been easier to get started!

Yet, a sense of overwhelm & resistance often creeps in when you're ready to begin.

"Where do I even start?...

Which platforms should I focus on?... 

What times should I post content at?...

How can I ensure that my efforts aren't going to waste?..."  

VISIONARY Social Media is here to answer ALL of those questions, and more.

The VISIONARY Social Media Course is perfect for you if....

  •  You feel overwhelmed when it comes to content creation for your brand
  • You know that your business needs a social media strategy, but you have no idea where to begin
  •  You want to create online campaigns that will create awareness, drive traffic to your website & convert leads into customers
  •  You need more ideas for how you can create posts that reflect your business values and share your offerings
  •  You'd like to be able to create 1 months worth of content in just 1 hour

What Topics Will We Cover Inside VISIONARY Social Media?

Master Your Mindset

The mindset that you hold towards your social media is impacting your success or failure! 

In this module you will learn to banish limiting beliefs, ditch the constant comparison, and create your Alter Ego for the days when you just don't feel like showing up.

Planning Your Online Strategy

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail! It's essential to determine the who, what, how & why of your strategy before we create content for them.

In this module you will learn the foundational principles of social (the 101 crash course), and you choose exactly which platforms to focus your efforts on.

Creating Educational, Impactful and Entertaining Content

The best kept secret to planning 1 month of content in just 1 hour will be revealed!

In this module you'll learn how to plan out an easy-to-follow content calendar with daily, weekly & monthly objectives. You'll also receive 50+ ideas for what to post, in case you get stuck! 

Writing Engaging Copy (& calling customers to action)

You can talk at your audience all day long, but if you fail to speak to them in a way that connects... you'll never convert them into customers!

In this module, I'll share all of my caption-writing secrets that help turn followers into customers, while preserving your integrity & maintaining your brand values.

Measure & Grow Your Audience

Ready, set, GROW! Prepare for momentum by knowing your numbers and setting targets.

In this module, I'll show you which metrics you need to track to be successful.

Experience the Online Growth you deserve...

Client Case Study: We started a Facebook Group 3 years ago that has over 4,000 engaged members!

Personal Case Study: Reaching 400+ people with my Instagram Feed Posts and over 7,000 through video & IGTV

Client Case Study: Instagram growth from 0 Followers to almost 11,000 in just 2 years!

Who teaches VISIONARY Social Media?

Join me, Social Media Manager & Online Marketing Entrepreneur Kelsey Reidl, as I teach you everything you need to know about growing your social media and using it strategically for business success!

I created VISIONARY Social Media because I've built 95% of my business on social media, and I want to show YOU the strategies that I used.

After working with some of the largest health food brands in North America, building their online strategy, I've learned first hand what it takes to hit 10k on Instagram, or fill your private Facebook group with 4,000+ dedicated members.

I've packed each module with innovate workbooks, time-honoured processes & the knowledge that took me years and years (and a whole lotta money!!) to learn when it comes to building a profitable social media strategy.

VISIONARY Social Media has already helped 100's of people just like you to create & implement a profitable social strategy. Are you next?

VISIONARY Social Media is the course you've been waiting for!

Did you know that we also offer payment plans? Click here to buy it in 3 installments of $77.00 CAD

Or, you can pay in full for just $197.00 CAD


What's the format of this course?

When you purchase VISIONARY Social Media, you get instant access to 7 video trainings and 1 comprehensive 20 page workbook, emailed to you!

Who enrolls in VISIONARY Social Media?

Anyone feeling confused when it comes to building their brand and business on social media can benefit from this course.

Is there anything similar to VISIONARY Social Media.

What makes this course unique is that you also get a 30 minute private call with me, to review your strategy! Not many programs give you direct access to the teacher!

I'd like to start doing freelance social media for different brands (consulting). Will this help me?

Yes! These are the exact processes that I use when working with million dollar brands in my own freelance business.

What if I don't have a business started yet? Can I still take the course?

Of course! It's never too early to start planning your strategy & to begin building your online presence.

I do social media marketing for an existing company. Can I learn from your course?

Yes! If you work for a company, you can benefit from this course! Ask your employer if they'll subsidize the cost, as continuing education!

VISIONARY Social Media is packed with content that all business owners must learn.

You can try to figure it all out on your own time or you can fast track your social media success!


  •  How to create online content calendars
  •  The top apps, tools & scheduling systems that will make your life easier
  •  How to find your brand voice
  •  Gaining the confidence to show up with conviction online
  •  Selling through social: how to do it without feeling "salesy"
  •  Monthly reporting templates to track growth
  •  Ideas for partnerships & collaborations to accelerate your strategy

When you purchase VISIONARY Social Media, you get instant access to all course materials.

  •  23 page downloadable course workbook (the Social Media Bible!)
  •  7 video lessons taught by Kelsey (over 1.5 hours of content)
  •  Unlimited e-mail support from Kelsey in the 30 days following your course purchase


You'll ALSO get access to these incredible bonuses, when you purchase VISIONARY Social Media (limited time!)

  • 30 minute private social media coaching session with Kelsey to discuss your strategy & any questions you have, via Zoom (valued at $150.00)
  • A Detailed Video Tutorial on using Canva for Graphic Design (valued at $75.00)
  • 4-Page "Discover Your Business Vision" workbook (valued at $37.00)
  • Business Goal Setting Workbook (valued at $37.00)

VISIONARY Social Media is exactly what it sounds like...

A course that's going to teach you to move BEYOND what everyone else is doing online, and instead create your own unique strategy that stands out, educates your audience & makes an impact in people's lives.

Copying what everyone else is doing online does not work!

During this 5-step course, I'll teach you exactly how to extract your unique gifts & infuse them into an unsurpassable social strategy.

The course content, the accountability & the tools are ready for you!

Do you want to get started?